ID Theft Protection Service™ Sign-up

A security alarm protects your home.

A padlock protects your valuables.

Now, ID Protection Service™ protects your identity.

Identity theft is an insidious crime. It happens subtly. By the time most victims are aware they’ve been targeted, the damage has been done. In fact, identity thieves count on you not noticing until it’s too late.

Now, with the Credit Union’s new ID Theft Protection Service™, your personal credit report is constantly monitored and you are alerted by e-mail of any changes to your credit report. This active monitoring will help stop thieves early and minimize your losses. you’ll also be covered up to $25,000 insurance and comprehensive restoration services should you ever fall victim to identity theft.

ID Theft Protection Service is easy to use, and it’s affordable. The pricing is as follows:


Single-Bureau Credit Monitoring Pricing from Experian
Monthly: $4.99*
Annual: $49.99* This includes a credit report with credit score from Experian (valued at $14.99).

Triple-Bureau Credit Monitoring Pricing from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax
Monthly: $6.99*
Annual: $79.99* This includes a 3 in 1 credit report with credit score from all three bureaus (valued at $29.99).

This price is half of what comparable programs cost at other financial institutions.

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*Per Social Security Number